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Ox Creek

Outdoor Elements - Ox Creek

Posted January 28, 2018

Outdoor Elements Episode #1604 features clean water initiatives and Sustaining Ox Creek in Southwest Michigan. Southwest Michigan Planning Commission is working to better manage its watershed, and the impact people have on the water quality. Rain gardens were also featured and demonstrate how this tool can help with excess water and provide a natural filter. Clean water is important to us all.

Outdoor Elements showcases nature, environmental topics, and outdoor pursuits in Michiana Region in partnership with WNIT and St. Joseph County Parks.

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Brookfield Dodge Case Study Brochure Cover

Clean Water Brochure

Ox Creek Brochure Cover

Sustain Ox Creek Watershed Brochure

Sustain Ox Creek Best Practices Toolkit Cover

Sustain Ox Creek Best Practices Toolkit

Ox Creek Agricultural Brochure Cover

Ox Creek Watershed Agricultural Brochure

Final Ox Creek Plan Brochure Cover

Ox Creek Watershed Management Plan

Ox Creek Technical Update Cover

Ox Creek Technical Update

Brookfield Dodge Case Study Brochure Cover

Brookfield Dodge Case Study

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Image of creek
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Michigan’s Low Impact Development Manual
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Southwest Michigan Planning Commission
Watersheds, Water Quality & Wetlands Southwest Michigan Planning Commission
Two Rivers Coalition
Berrien Conservation District
Natural Resources Conservation
This project has been funded wholly or in part through Michigan Department of Environmental Quality’s Nonpoint Source Program by the United States Environmental Protection Agency.